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Our Mission

To promote, advocate for and support scientific research as it relates to the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure for ovarian cancer; to provide education about ovarian cancer; to promote, advocate for and provide supportive services to persons affected by ovarian cancer; and to foster alliances to further those purposes.

About Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance

At Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, we work every day to fund cures, foster community, further conversations and, ultimately, the cause.

OCRFA is the largest global organization dedicated to fighting ovarian cancer.  We advance research to prevent, treat and defeat ovarian cancer.  We support women and their families before, during and beyond diagnosis. And we work with all levels of government to ensure ovarian cancer is a priority.

Funding Cures

We are the largest non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in the U.S. – and have the longest track record of impact.  Since 1998, we have invested $80 million to jumpstart promising research.  Every day, OCRFA-funded scientists are improving women’s lives by finding new ways to prevent ovarian cancer, developing better methods to treat it, and pioneering pathways to cure it.

Fostering Community

Woman to Woman pairs newly diagnosed patients with survivors who provide hope and insight that can only come from those who have been there.

Ovarian Cancer National Conference brings survivors together to connect, share stories, and learn about ovarian cancer, research, treatment and survivorship.  It is the largest and oldest Conference of its kind.

Furthering the Cause

We change the way future health professionals recognize ovarian cancer through our Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives ® program.  We work to ensure that ovarian cancer is a priority for lawmakers throughout the country.  We fight to secure resources to support ovarian cancer research and education at the federal level- more than $2 billion since 1998.  And we advocate for policies that help women receive the highest quality, most affordable care available.

In short, we support women fighting ovarian cancer by working with scientists to eradicate the disease and the policymakers who make it possible, and by standing with every single person touched by ovarian cancer.  We are uniting to defeat ovarian cancer.

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