Super Saturday has become famous for the coveted gift bag. As one of the most sought after gift bags of the summer, we strive to produce bags that will both delight our guests and garner press.


  • Quantity: 1,600 adult bags and 600 kids bags for NY event (Please note that you may donate to both the adult and kids bags but are not required to do so)
  • Full-size products are required (no sample sizes). Promotional items or paper products (including gift cards) are not accepted UNLESS attached to an actual item
  • Variety of items permitted (does not need to be the same product)


  • 2 regular admission adult tickets to the event plus one adult gift bag
  • Donations are tax-deductible
  • Donor listing on invitation, day-of event program and OCRFA website
  • There is NO FEE to participate in the gift bag

For more information, contact Katie Dillon at

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