1. When hosting an event, please identify Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance as the beneficiary, but not the sponsor/organizer. For example, “Golf Classic to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance”, rather than “Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance Golf Classic.” The organization’s full name should be used at least once in all materials before using our acronym (OCRFA). Please note that our full name is Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance; there is no “the” preceding it.
  2. Events require written approval from OCRFA. Please contact us prior to using the OCRFA name or announcing to the public that an event is being held to benefit OCRFA. Once approved, OCRFA will provide its logo for use in your promotional materials.
  3. Prior approval must be obtained from OCRFA in advance of printing or distributing any materials using the OCRFA name and/or logo, such as invitations, advertisements, or any other event materials.
  4. Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising, gift reporting and special events.
  5. We are happy to send out e-blasts to OCRFA constituents whenever possible, on behalf of event organizers but are unable to provide mailing lists of donors, sponsors or vendors directly.
  6. OCRFA will list all approved events on our website (www.OCRFA.org).
  7. OCRFA can provide limited administrative support with sufficient notice upon request.
  8. Organizer(s) are solely responsible for staffing their events. While OCRFA can help promote the event to potential volunteers, if applicable, we cannot guarantee that a member of the OCRFA staff will attend the event.
  9. Please alert OCRFA of all corporate solicitations by event organizers in advance, to ensure no duplication.
  10. OCRFA is not able to advance funds to cover expenses related to the planning of the event. We ask that event organizers make every effort to keep expenses as low as possible to maximize your charitable donation.
  11. We are unable to provide our sales tax exemption number for use by others.
  12. If OCRFA will not be receiving all of the proceeds from the event, we ask that you list the percentage of the proceeds to benefit OCRFA on all event collateral.
  13. If possible, please submit proceeds within 60 days of event completion, to allow us to accurately report back to you and to our supporters on the success of your event.
  14. OCRFA is happy to provide collateral explaining its mission, goals and accomplishments along with appropriate informational materials.
  15. If your event includes a raffle, auction or any type of gambling activity or if you plan to sell and/or serve alcohol at your event, you must obtain a license from the state and/or municipality in which the event is held. The organizer(s) is solely responsible for obtaining all licenses.
  16. Organizers are solely responsible for obtaining any required insurance (event, liquor liability, etc.).
  17. OCRFA is unable to provide a celebrity spokesperson/s to appear at your event.

Please contact us if you plan to repeat the event in a succeeding year—we are grateful for your ongoing support!