Ready to look for a clinical trial?

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance has partnerships with EmergingMed and with Cure Forward. We also encourage you to visit

About Emerging Med

This one-stop service provides a comprehensive yet simplified system for women to find and link to clinical trial options for ovarian cancer. Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance Clinical Trials Navigating Service provides information on current clinical trials in the United States and Canada. Women can customize their searches based on a range of criteria that includes the specific ovarian cancer type, stage, treatment history and place where she can enroll.

About Cure Forward

Cure Forward is an online matching service that connects ovarian cancer patients with precision medicine to access targeted therapies and advanced treatments that may be best suited for their care. The Cure Forward Clinical Trial Exchange serves as a “matchmaker” for patients and clinical trials, helping to bring options to patients that they might never have found. No more searching—clinical trials come to you. You will only hear from trials that are matched to you and actively recruiting. Patient guides will personally reach out and answer all questions you may have and help determine what next step is right for you.

About is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. Learn more by visiting their website today.