Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is overwhelming. You probably have a lot of unanswered questions. We’re glad you came to OCRFA while you are making your way through all of the information and decisions that come along with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

We want you to know that just like a sister, a dear friend or a mom, you can trust the information that you get from OCRFA. We know your life is at stake. We want you to have the most cutting edge information on ovarian cancer, as well as trusted and validated data that can help you through your journey.

Visit our First Steps section, which will guide you through the first steps of your diagnosis.

Our Ovarian Cancer Community is a great support system to lean on, where you can communicate with more than 33,000 survivors and caregivers!

Looking for more information about ovarian cancer? Read our overview of ovarian cancer for all the essential facts.

If you want an easy way to communicate with family and friends about your diagnosis, create a free personalized website with In addition to sharing updates, you can use to coordinate help from your community.

Above all we are here for you. As your sisters, friends and family, we will fight on your behalf: to secure research funding, make sure you have access to the care you need and connect you with other women who share your journey. There is no challenge too big for us on behalf of the women with ovarian cancer.